Breathe life to the interior. Merge the outdoors and indoors together with plants!

Bring plants to the loft

With all the effort that went into creating a unique loft planter, it was about time we filled it with plants. The idea was that we would choose vining house plants that would cascade over the edge of the loft as they grew. The plants needed to be temperature hardy and easy to maintain (it’s kind of pain lugging a watering can upstairs). All of our plants came from Costa Farms. It’s a mix of philodendrons, prayer plants, ficuses and multiple varieties of pothos. Once in place, it creates a striking green visual around the entire yurt. The best part is they typically only need to be watered once or twice a week.

Create lattice planters

The lattice walls in the yurt have remained mostly empty. No pots and pans or tapestries hung from them. However, I did want to continue the plant them by creating hanging succulent planters. Using PVC caps and bent corner brackets I was able to produce the perfect home for over two dozen succulents. The planters were painted either black or ivory with the occasional granite effect applied.

Add other house plants

The final interior addition were all the other corners that needed to be filled with greenery. More pothos plants were dropped on different shelves around the yurt. Figs adorned both sides of the french doors while snake plants occupied the back door. Massive monsteras can be found throughout the space alongside the occasional fern.

Build mini deck and stairs

The last project that required the use of tools was the construction of stairs and a very small deck in front of the french doors. Pier blocks with an embedded metal bracket made up the foundation. The frame and stair stringers were made of pressure-treated wood of various widths. Planks on top are redwood that was repurposed from a past project. For an extra touch, use a compass to scribe the radius of the yurt’s platform on the plank closest to the yurt. Similar concepts apply if you’re building a much larger wraparound deck.

Add some bamboo plants to the landscape

The yurt is quite exposed in its particular location. A neighbor’s house is about 500 feet away and they can easily view the yurt in all its glory from their patio. In order to create a natural privacy screen we planted a dozen large bamboo plants, all of them almost 15 feet in height. All the bamboo came from an amazing nursery not far from Portland called the Bamboo Garden.
With thoughtful watering, bamboo will explode in density and height. The bamboo here would also serve as our first line of defense against the invasive blackberry bushes surrounding the yurt. From my conversations with the Bamboo Garden’s owner, Noah, bamboo can be an ailment to many landscaping woes.


That’s it! With the yurt complete, it’s time to sit back with friends and family to cherish your new unique circular home. Enjoy living in the round!